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Parity is a full-node client powering Ethereum since the beginning of 2016 and was designed to integrate seamlessly with all standard Ethereum based tokens as well as Ether itself. The wallet is available for Ubuntu, OSX, Docker and Windows, which you can easily interact with Dapps as well as develop and/or review smart contracts. Parity claims to be one of the fastest and lightest Ethereum client that’s been written in the Rust language and offers its users improved reliability, performance, and code clarity. 

Parity is designed to serve as expert software for production use and should not be considered end-user software or an Ethereum Wallet only. It is meant for mission-critical use in mining pools, exchanges, or any other type of infrastructure or service provider.

Get Started with Parity Wallet

Parity has a separate GUI app called Parity UI which is a User Interface desktop application for Parity Ethereum Client. Parity UI will download and run Parity Ethereum Client in the background if it's not found on the system. By default Parity UI will try connect to a Parity Ethereum node using Websocket port 8546. You can use alternative ports, see CLI Options below. 

Download & Install

Download the correct version of Parity UI (isn’t actively maintained but still working smoothly) for your system below or see all available versions here then begin the installation like you wound normally do (double-click, next, next, ok, etc).

Alternatively, Download Parity (currently installer available for Windows only) which you will interact with through your internet browser. See a short video tutorial on How to Run Parity Here.

Setup an Ethereum Account

Once installed, open the app. The node will start to sync and you in the meantime can create an Ethereum account. For that, select Parity Wallet, Accounts, + Account, New Account and give it a rememberable name (Nanopool for instance) then set a password. After, you'll be prompted to write your recovery phrase down and confirm you did that by filling the "I have written down the phrase" in the appropriate filed (Recovery phrase will allow access to your Ethereum account and it serves as a backup.). And finally, you'll need to fill your recovery phrase you were previously given after which, you click Create, and you're done. Feel free to explore around your new Parity Wallet.

Note: Please remember your password! If you forgot your password in the future, this Ethereum account with all the funds will be PERMANENTLY lost.

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