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Get answers to some of the most common questions regarding Nanopool and mining in general. Kindly take some time to read them before asking our team for support as most of the questions we are asked can be found right down below.

1. Ethereum

Can I use ETC addresses to receive ETH?
No, the addresses are not interchangeable. In order to receive ETH, you have to use a wallet that is synced over the ETH network.  
Can I use my CPU to mine ETH?
No, it is simply not powerful enough. ETH can be mined with a GPU and it requires at least 6GB of GPU memory.
Is there an ASIC for mining ETH?
Yes, ethash ASICs are available.
4 What is the additional reward? We try different sources of additional income to compensate EIP 1559 introduction. All systems are in the test mode, so we can't give any guarantee of stable / regular income. On this moment we use different tools of MEV, so there is no possibility to provide exact  formulas of extra reward calculations. Generally we take your proportion in MEV for last 24 hours and make distribution once a day.
5 Why my additional reward is not received? Your additional reward is  accumulating on your account with a main (regular reward) balance.  You can check additional reward info in corresponding tab of your account. This tab is not about transactions, this is only stats to see how many coins were added to your account balance.
There is no separated payments for additional reward, it will be paid with your main balance when you will reach a payout limit.

2. Account 

How do I sign up on the pool?
There's no registration on Nanopool. Just start mining and your account will automatically show up within 30 minutes since your miner submitted its first valid share.
How do I find my account on the pool?
Just fill your address in the "Address" field on the right top of the pool page and hit "Search" button - you'll be redirected to your Nanopool account.
Cannot find my account on the pool. It says: "Account not found" error.
Remember, it takes up to 30 minutes for a new account to appear. If you just started mining, please check back later. If you mined more than 30 minutes and your account cannot be found - check your miner configuration meets the requirements. And if it is still a no-go after that, contact Nanopool team to figure it out.
Is it possible to change my payout limit?
Of course! You can adjust your payout limit in your Nanopool account settings.
What is my settings password?
Your password is the email address/passphrase you set in your miner configuration. If you did not specify that, unfortunately you cannot access the settings until you do that.
Getting “invalid password” message error when trying to adjust payout limit.
Bear in mind your email/passphrase is case-sensitive. Check your miner configuration meets all the requirements, your worker is showing up and its rating is at least 10. Feel free to contact Nanopool team if the issue continues.
What if I give up mining for a while, will my account be deleted?
Eventually yes. Inactive Nanopool accounts are kept for 6 months after which permanently get removed.
How to enable email alert to receive an email when my worker goes offline?
To enable our email notification, you just need to fill your email address in your miner configuration. See our Help page for more info.
 Can I use an invalid email address in my miner configuration?
If you want to receive an email notification when your worker goes offline, you have to use a valid one. Otherwise, you can set a passphrase instead to access the settings.
My account statistic is stuck and does not update any longer.
There may be some wonky data hung up in your browser. By clearing your browser cache, cookies, and restarting it, you should fix the issue.
Getting "too many results" message error when I try to find my account.
Most likely you have filled your exchange/web-wallet base address in, whereas you need to look up your account with your Payment ID.

3. Balance

I have mined for a while but my balance remains the same.
Nanopool's payout method is PPLNS, therefore you get paid each time when the pool finds a block. And if your balance stays untouched while you submitted shares, it means that the pool has not found a block yet and once it does, your balance will be updated.
Why am I seeing my balance in USD equivalent decreases without being paid?
The cryptocurrency market is so volatile, you'll see that each time the price of the coin you mine changes.
How often do get paid?
It depends on your hash-power and on the payout limit you set. Once your balance has reached the payout limit, it will be paid out upcoming payout round.
When will I get my block reward? My balance is not increasing.
There is no personal block reward on the pool. Nanopool's payout scheme is PPLNS, it means the pool splits the mining reward proportionally among all the miners that participated in mining the block after it was found.
What does my profit depend on?
The most major factors your profit depends on are: hash-power, hash-rate constancy, mining difficulty and pool luck.
If a share difficulty increases, will it decrease my profit accordingly?
No, along with share difficulty its price increases proportionally. It means you will submit fewer shares that cost more = your profit remains the same.
What is unconfirmed balance? When is my balance going to be confirmed?
Unconfirmed balance is an amount of mined coins that are waiting for the network confirmation. Once coins get confirmed, they will be moved to your main balance automatically.

4. Address

Can I use crypto-exchange addresses to receive my mining reward?
Yes, you can mine to an exchange wallet. Nanopool works just fine with exchange wallet addresses.
How do I obtain local wallet address for a coin I want to mine?
Go to the appropriate Help page of the coin you want to mine and look up for a local wallet download link. Once downloaded, you'll be able to generate an address. Please keep in mind, using a local wallet could take a lot of disc space on your computer.
I have mined using incorrect wallet address. Can you return my unpaid coins?
We process each case individually. Please, correct your address and contact Nanopool team to find that out.

5. Worker

How long does it take for a new worker to show up?
It might take up to 10 minutes for your worker to show up after it submitted at least one valid share.
Can I remove an old worker?
No, non-active workers are deleted automatically within 50-60 hours of inactivity.
My single GPU/CPU Rig often gets recognized as offline, whereas it's hashing constantly.
Our notification system is optimized for multi-GPU/CPU rigs, therefore you might receive false-positive notifications while mining with a single GPU/CPU rig each time your miner did not manage to send a single share for 20 minutes.
Is it necessary to fill my worker name in?
No, it is not. However, if you have more than one RIG, you should set different names for each of them so that you can track them individually.
What is a worker's rating and what is it used for?
Worker's rating represents a number of submitted shares with particular email address. It is used for defining your current password.

6. Hashrate

My Average hash-rate constantly fluctuates.
Please keep an eye on your equipment temperature, ensure it is stored in a well-cooled room. Check your GPUs are not too overlooked, your Internet connection is stable and failover servers are all set. And if the issue continues, feel free to email your miner's log file to our team to figure it out.
The gap between my Average hash-rate and the Reported one is too huge.
If you have just started mining, wait at least 6 hours to compare your Average with the Reported hash-rate (Keep in mind discrepancy up to 10% is acceptable). In case you have mined more than 6 hours and the difference between the values is more than 10% - contact Nanopool team.
My Calculated hash-rate fluctuates all the time. What does it mean?
Nanopool provides high difficulty shares, so Calculated hash-rate fluctuates a lot (it's based on a number of submitted shares in 10 minutes). You should keep an eye on your 6-12 hour Average hash-rate is close to the Reported one (discrepancy up to 10% is acceptable).

7. Transaction / Payout

How to speed up my payouts?
You can lower the payout limit in your Nanopool account settings or increase hash-power by adding more GPUs to your RIG. You can also add an extra RIG to your account to increase your total hashrare, therefore payout frequency.
My transaction is missing.
1. Check if your transaction is visible in a blockchain explorer (Click on the confirmed button). Do not send an email to our team in case it is visible, update your local wallet and fully sync it over the network.
If you use web-wallet or an exchange, contact receiving party team to clarify this concern. Important: some exchanges do not credit deposits below a certain amount of coins. Once an amount is accumulated,
your coins will be credited to your exchange wallet. Please, read your exchange deposit policy for more info.
2. In case missing transaction was sent more than 48 hours ago and it is not visible in the blockchain, kindly contact Nanopool team to sort that out.
Will I receive a payout to a local-wallet if my PC is off?
Yes, you can receive payments without being online. Once your wallet is synchronized - payouts will show up.
Is there a payout round schedule? When is next payout round?
There is no any schedule for that. Payout round goes one by one several times a day.
5 I did not reached a payout limit, will my balance be paid out automatically? No. Payment can be made automatically only if your reached a payout limit. If  your account inactive more than 24 hours and there is no any worker left - you can contact support to ask for a final payment. 

8. General

Cannot access the web-site. It says my IP address has been banned. Why and what to do?
You either made too many API requests or submitted too many invalid shares - Your IP has been temporarily blocked for 30 hours. Please bear in mind your mining is not affected by that.
What does "DevFee: stop mining and disconnect” OR "DevFee end" message in my miner mean?
It means your miner has just finished mining its developers' fee. Basically, this is how your miners' DevFee is paid - It randomly for a certain time switches the mining to its developers' wallet.
What second coin can I mine in dual mode on the pool?
In dual mode you can mine  ETH + Pascal coin  with nanominer.
My miner crashes right after I launch it. My antivirus says it's a trojan.
Make sure to download miners from a reliable source. Sometimes miners get recognized as a trojan and you will need to add the miner to your antivirus while list, or even disable your antivirus.
I have an awesome idea that definitely should be implemented.
We are receiving many improvement proposals now and therefore we have to sort them by priority. However, if you believe you are the one whose idea will improve our pool or add a new useful feature, do not hesitate to contact us at the email down the main pool page.

Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a message at: and we'll help you as soon as we can.

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